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The Kingsnake

Your brain is like a short attention span theater and already your fire for lizards and amphibians has burnt itself out; however, snakes are a new, exciting horizon yet to be explored! The question is – will you boldly go where other beginners have gone before and fail, or will you plunge successfully into the exciting realms of snake keeping? If you chose the latter of the two, then a Kingsnake is the key to success for you!

Kingsnakes belong to the family of Lampropeltis. Depending on the type, sizes can range from sixteen inches to six feet in length with colors varying from earth tones to hi-fi reds and orange. Most important to the beginner, Kingsnakes, with the exception of a few (i.e., Gray Band and Arizona Mountain Kings) will tolerate a fair amount of handling and still continue to feed, unlike other types of snakes (i.e., Baby Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, etc.). The Aquatic Critter’s reptile department has several different types of Kingsnakes with prices below $100. A couple of examples include the Mexican Black and the Black and White California Kingsnakes.

Purchasing the proper set-up for a Kingsnake doesn’t require putting a second mortgage on the house because set-up prices are inexpensive. They range from $43 and up and may or may not include the following:

– an aquarium w/screen lid or a Sterilite box

– an Under the Tank heat pad

– thermometer(s)

– bedding

– hide shelter

– water bowl

– care book.

Feeding the Kingsnake is a breeze, as they will feed on pre-killed, frozen rodents available in The Aquatic Critter’s Reptile department.

Kingsnakes can be fed at varying intervals with babies being fed once weekly, and juveniles and adults being fed once every two to three weeks. A couple of methods for feeding a Kingsnake include tong feeding or just simply laying the rodent in the aquarium for the eagerly awaiting snake.

The Kingsnake is guaranteed to keep you happy, give you success in the area of snake keeping, and keep you out of the short attention span theater.

For more information on Kingsnakes, please refer to Kingsnakes and Milksnakes in The Aquatic Critter’s extensive library, or call 832-4541. Thank You.


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