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Pond Planning

Now that you’re interested in building a water garden, it’s time to decide on a pond size; total gallons as determined by length, width and depth. Every question you have from this point on: liner size, filtration and pump requirements, stocking capacity, number and kinds of plants, cost estimates, etc. will be a function of pond volume and cannot be answered without the volume being a known factor.

Take a section of garden hose or heavy rope and lay out your pond design trying different sizes and shapes until you decide on one which is visually appealing. There will be few limiting factors in terms of what is “right or wrong” other than trying to maximize surface area. Sketch the results on graph paper including dimensions.

A few brief comments regarding pond location:

– Choose a location which provides the maximum number of hours of sunlight. A minimum of five hours per day is required.

– Keep the pond as far away from trees and overhanging branches as possible. Trees, in addition to casting shade, annually shed large quantities of leaves, pollen, petals, twigs, berries and fruit; all of which serve to pollute the water.

– Do not choose an area where rain water run-off can have entrance to the pond. The presence of lawn fertilizers will make algae control an impossible task and weed killers are toxic to all of the pond’s inhabitants.

– Choose a visible, accessible site as the pond will become the focal point of your yard. Your involvement in the pond will be ever-increasing, even if it is only to watch. Convenience and comfort are of of primary concern.

Please feel free to come in and pick up our pond planning literature.


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