The Aquatic Critter

Store Policies

Freshwater Fish Guarantee

 Freshwater fish are guaranteed for 14 days from date of purchase unless noted on identification  label. Provided, the 3 following conditions are present

  • We receive a water sample from the aquarium that the fish passed in of 2oz. or more.
  • The deceased fish is in a separate container than the sample to be tested.
  • The properly dated receipt

No replacement will be made if:

  • Water test shows excessive ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, chlorine, or incorrect pH.
  • Or if there is excessive fin, scale or tail damage from aggressive tank mates. 

Freshwater fish will be replaced 1 time free of charge, or an in-store credit will be issued if the first 3 conditions are met.  NO CASH VALUE!
There is a 24 Hour Guarantee of Saltwater fish with all the above same conditions.

Dry Goods Return and Exchange Policy

  • Return or exchange must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase and must be accompanied by the original sales receipt and all original packaging.
  • Upon inspection, we will replace, repair, or refund the cost of the product. We are not responsible for any item which has been abused, missing parts, or used in an application not suitable for the product, or an item warranted directly by the manufacturer.
  • Refund will be made in the same manner in which the product was originally paid for; i.e., cash, check, or charge/debit card.
  • Merchandise returned without the original sales receipt will not be refunded.

In-store credit slips may not be redeemed for cash nor can lost or stolen in-store credit slips be replaced.

Exotic Animal Guarantee

  • There are no cash refunds on any Exotic Animal Purchase.
  • Amphibians, Chameleons, Tarantulas and any insects are not Guaranteed.
Wild or Imported Reptiles:

With the purchase of Wild or Imported Reptiles the Aquatic Critter will provide a 7 day replacement guarantee in the event of that animal’s death, only if proper animal husbandry practices were followed and accompanied with the original sales receipt. If we don’t have the same species available we will provide you with an in-store credit for the original animal purchase amount.

Captive bred Reptiles & Arachnids:
  • We provide a replacement guarantee, provided the remains of the animal and a properly dated receipt are presented.
  • Because of the delicate nature of the following exotic animals, chameleons, amphibians and invertebrates, no guarantee is provided.
  • The guarantee is for the health of the animal when it was purchased and does not cover issues that arise from improper husbandry or incompatibility with the purchasing handler.
  • The guarantee if for replacement value, or an in-store credit.  NO CASH VALUE!
  • 14 day health replacement guarantee of Captive Bred Animals
  • 7 day health replacement guarantee of Imported or Farm Raised Animals

  • Please make your exotic animal purchase carefully.  We cannot exchange animal once the purchase is made. If you have any questions about the “Exotic Animal Guarantee” please ask your sales associate before making purchase.