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Frozen Food Recommendations

The intestinal lining of all fish is very sensitive and does not tolerate cold food very well. To serve frozen food properly, we suggest you thaw it first before feeding it to your fish. The following is our recommended procedure for feeding frozen food.

1. Decide how much food you’re going to use and place it in a plastic dish and leave it out to thaw for 30 minutes or so. Never leave it out any longer or it will spoil. Thawed food can be left in the refrigerator for two days maximum, any food left longer than that should be thrown away.

2. To supercharge your food with extra nutrition, dose your frozen food with a sterilized liquid multi-vitamin such as Selkon Concentrate. Pour the liquid vitamin over the food and let it soak in as the food thaws. By doing this the food will soak up the vitamin like a sponge. In addition to getting the nutrition they need, the fish will be getting all the vitamins and minerals of a balanced diet.

3. When completely thawed, the food should have a soft, spongy consistency. You can now feed your fish by squeezing it between your fingers just under the water’s surface. Let it drop away in pieces as the fish come up to eat it. For your own safety when feeding predatory fish such as eels, lions, triggers, and groupers, and to eliminate fights over food, use feeding tongs to deliver the food directly to each fish.

4. Never use hot water to thaw frozen food!!! This cooks the food and removes all the vitamins and mineral your fish so desperately need. It also breaks the food down into a nasty soup that your fish won’t eat, and only serves to pollute your tank.

In conclusion, we recommend alternating between the various formulas of frozen food available to ensure your fish get a healthy, balanced diet. A varied diet is the key to keeping healthy and happy fish. After all, you don’t want your fish merely to survive, but to thrive!


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