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Algae Blooms In Reef Tanks

The fear, often real, of most coral reefkeepers is that their corals and live rock will become overgrown with algae. To prevent this, much time, effort and money is spent on ways to prevent algae from taking over reef systems, and, if it does become established, on eliminating it. While there are many different opinions […]

Alptasia X

Aiptasia X is an easy to use Reef safe product that will kill Aiptasia and Majano anemones. Simply feed the problem anemone a small amount of JoesJuice and watch the results. Within minutes, the anemone has disappeared and for good! Reef Safe – Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple – Feeding can be done with […]

Selecting Freshwater Fish

Most saltwater species cannot be kept in an aquarium with their own kind. In the freshwater world, things are totally different. Many of our more common home aquarium species require other members of their kind. The lack thereof produces stress, resulting in a life-span which is shorter than it needs to be. (See 15 Stresses […]

Snail Prophlactics

1. Use “Had-a Snail” freshwater snail control. Added directly to your aquarium, it kills snails and parasites and might guard against algae spores. NOTE: Live plants should be removed during treatment. 2. Clown loaches will keep snails well under control. 3. Alum is also useful. Look for “Alum U.S.P.” at the drug store. Soak the […]

About Snails

Many beginning hobbyists think snails are essential as scavengers, only to find that some red ramshorns, after a day or two in the tank, will get their antennae nipped by fish every time they poke their head out, and eventually starve inside their shell. It’s one of life’s ironies that if you want to keep […]

Medicating Freshwater Fish – 5 Steps To Success

The following steps should be followed in conjunction with the manufacturers directions on the pharmaceuticals you elect to use. When medicating sick fish, keep in mind that negative reactions to medication can happen. If you suspect your fish are not responding properly, we recommend you call us as soon as possible so that we might […]

Goldfish… Second-Class Citizens

Are goldfish second-class citizens in the aquarium world? Given away as prizes at school carnivals and sold by the dozens as feeder fish, it’s little wonder that many hobbyists, and even non-aquarists, look upon goldfish as expendable or disposable. We’re referring, of course, to what are typically called “common” goldfish, not fancy goldfish.  Aside from […]

Siamese Fighting Fish

America’s best friend with fins is the goldfish. But that long-standing love affair needs to end. A far better choice is a betta, or Siamese Fighting fish. Here’s the sad truth: goldfish don’t like living in bowls. They do much better in a tank with a filter system, but betta fish thrive in torpid water. […]

Want To Grow A Beautiful Aquarium Garden

Have you ever wanted to keep a freshwater, planted aquarium? Not just an aquarium with a few live plants, but a true aquatic garden. Doing so can be a very rewarding aquarium experience. An aquatic garden is the freshwater equivalent to keeping a saltwater reef aquarium. Aquatic plants require three main factors to not just […]

The Aquatic Critter Has GloFish

The Aquatic Critter, Tennessee’s premiere tropical fish store for over 17 years, would like to announce the arrival of the GloFish Zebra fish on, Wednesday, December 3rd. Zebra Danios have been used in multitudes of biological and genetic laboratories the world over because of their ease of genetic alteration. First developed by the National University […]