Reptile Room

Reptile Photos
by Lisa Powers

Reptile Photos
Aquatic Critter's reptiles taken by Eddie Eller & Jack Glisson 

Reptile Photos
Aquatic Critter's reptiles taken by Cynthia Merritt 

  • FAQs
    A few questions qleaned from your e-mails.

  • Our Reptile Renaissance  
    It is this combination of zoo-quality knowledge and the retail pet store-quality service that makes us so special to our family of customers.
  • The Kingsnake  
    By Vin Verdoni - a Kingsnake can be the key to reptile keeping success for you!
  • Leopard Geckos  
    By Vin Verdoni - A new reptile can be the key to your wintertime blues, and the incredible Leopard Gecko is it!
  • Bromeliads for the Terrarium  
    Certain frogs all but require them for breeding, and many other species simply seem to enjoy them.
  • So... You Want to Buy a Reptile!  
    By Chris Richards
  • Healthy Reptiles
    An increase in the popularity of lizards has resulted in the necessity of learning more effective health care methods and habitat requirements.
  • Reptile Lighting
    Article by Louise Bauck, BSc, DVM, MVSc, director of veterinary services for the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute in Montreal.
  • Reptiles: The Perfect Pets?
    If you appreciate nature and enjoy the thought of creating a mini ecosystem within your own home, a reptile may be the pet for you.
  • Captive Bred vs. Wild Caught
    Captive produced reptiles are not only disease free, but are also almost always easier to handle and keep.
  • Reptile Care: Heating & Lighting For Life
    The amount of daylight can play a critical role in how well a reptile eats, how long it lives, and its ability to breed and produce young.