Eco-Wheel Aquarium System
“The only system in the world that runs on air and light.”

In December, 2000 our new Eco-Wheel Aquarium System was installed. This breakthrough new system comes closer to creating a “natural” reef environment than any other set-up we’ve seen. It uses a commercial quality air pump which turns a paddle wheel on which algae grows. Using a wheel rather than a flat screen in a dump tray creates a huge surface area for algae scrubbing. The wheel has an asymmetrical internal compartment filled with bio balls, which tumbles as the wheel turns, increasing the O2 level and the biological capacity.

The wheel produces a delightful rhythmic, ocean sounding splash and surge as it turns inside its separate enclosed refugia. You really feel you’re at the ocean around these tanks.

The Eco-Wheel Aquarium System has been in design and testing by Aquatic Engineers, Inc. (AEI) since 1995 and is the first system to successfully mimic water filtration processes found in nature. The Eco-Wheel system provides water movement, water surge, algal turf scrubbing, biological filtration, “selective” protein skimming and uses a single air pump to accomplish all of these processes.

The main feature of AEI’s patented process is that it’s completely non-destructive to plankton and other organisms that comprise the lower echelon of the aquatic food chain. With these organisms left undisturbed, a complete eco-system can be achieved. As a matter of fact, it is the only commercial available aquatic life support system in the world that is non-destructive to plankton!

This amazing system features:

  • Requires no centrifugal water pumps or powerheads for operation; runs entirely off of one air pump.
  • Removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, excess nutrients, carbon, phosphates, and suspended solids.
  • Greatly reduces nuisance algae in the aquarium.
  • Provides “selective” protein skimming which fertilizes the algae with dead organic matter, but does not harm plankton or remove essential supplied elements.
  • Maintains (feeds) zooplankton with phytoplankton and algae.
  • Maintains saturated oxygen levels and a constant pH during day and night times.
  • Generates high flow water surge, and currents throughout the aquarium.
  • Has only one moving part making for a very dependable system.
  • Won’t clog, stick, or jam from debris.
  • Requires very low maintenance, very easy to clean.
  • Maintains a “cooler” water temperature due to the absence of centrifugal water pumps or powerheads.
  • Electricity usage is minimal.
  • Cannot overflow the aquarium.
  • Eliminates the risk of electrocution.

Come see our new set-up and experience the wonder of this new technology yourselves!•••