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  • Debride Ointment
    Topical ointment for the treatment of Koi or Goldfish 

  • Pond Thermometer
    Learn when to put new plants in your pond.

  • Pond Fish Checkups!
    Take a good health check and clear up any problems you may find.

  • Putting Your Pond to Bed
    Tips to winterize your pond

  • Pond Handout
    The Aquatic Critter's popular pond handout in an on-line format.

  • Pond Plants
    A description and overview of many popular pond plants.

  • Pond Medication
    The Aquatic Critter stocks and recommends a very select group of pondmedications. Many mass-marketed, over-the-counter "medications" simply do not work and in many cases can be lethal. The ones we do recommend should successfully and safely solve any disease problems you may encounter.

  • Pond Hints
    General good tips along with how to determine pond volume and liner size.

  • Pond Planning
    Choosing size, location.

  • Green Water... What To Do?
    Algae... No other single word makes pondkeepers cringe the way IT does. Control rather than compete eradication should be the goal for most pond algae. Learn how to deal with it here.

  • 15 Stresses In The Aquarium and Pond
    tress is a condition in which an animal is unable to maintain a normal physiologic state because of various factors adversely affecting its well-being.

  • Stress: Its Role In Fish Diseases
    Stress compromises the fish's natural defenses so that it cannot effectively protect itself from invading pathogens. Learn how to minimize it in your environment.

  • Eliminating Fish Diseases
    Is this be realistic? You bet it is.

  • Why Treatments Fail
    What we have ascertained as the major causes of "failed" treatments.